Show Notes

  • Episode 12 – Danielle DiMartino Booth, US Economy Update, The Pending Federal Reserve Announcement & A View On The European Economy
    A US Economic update from Danielle Di-Martino Booth. Danielle is Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, DiMartino Booth set out to launch a #ResearchRevolution, redefining how markets intelligence is conceived and delivered. Quill Intelligence is a boutique research firm grounded in the principles of the #ResearchRevolution. Deep, broad unconventional thinking to find patterns in vast amounts of data which elucidate predictive thought leading market intelligence to institutional investors.
  • Episode 11 – Driving Into The Future, with Dr Anthony M. Townsend
    Anthony works at the intersection of urbanisation and digital technology. He is the author of two books: Ghost Road: Beyond the Driverless Car (June 2020) and Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers and the Quest for A New Utopia (2013) and the founder of Star City Group. We discuss the following:
  • Episode 10 – America, What Went Wrong? with James B. Steele
    James B. Steele and his partner, Donald L. Barlett are amongst America’s most honoured investigative reporting team. Their work has received two Pulitzer Prizes, two National Magazine Awards and upwards of 50 other national journalism awards. Two of their eight books have been New York Times bestsellers, The Betrayal of the American Dream and the first edition of America: What Went Wrong?
  • Episode 08 – The Art of Predicting Recessions, with Paul Hodges
    Matthew speaks to Paul Hodges, former Executive Director of ICI, one of the world’s largest chemicals companies. We talk about a lot, but the main thing is this: contrary to popular beliefs, the upcoming global recession is NOT directly because of COVID19. Listen to learn more about this and the following: · Past recessions predictions · Upcoming downturn · Pending age demographic cliff · Oil price crash · Business opportunities in the new normal · Much more
  • Episode 07 – The Future of the Office Space, with Peter Boeckel
    Matthew speaks to Peter Boeckel, Design Manager with Steelcase, a company that designs and builds office architecture, furniture and technology products and services. Matthew & Peter explore what the return to office work could like for many and the new normal we will have to get used to, post COVID19. They discuss topics like: We talk about: · Agile workspaces · Hot Desking · Remote working
  • Episode 06 – Did Lifestyle Choices in the West Lead to the Explosion of COVID19? With Dr Nicole Saphier M.D
    Matthew talks to Dr Nicole Saphier M.D about how poor lifestyle choices over the last 60 years left the West vulnerable to COVID19. We talk about: What comorbidities are and the impact on COVID19 patients The impact of missed elective surgeries during the lockdown The lifestyle choices that have left us vulnerable Unintended consequences of government-driven health care policies Areas of concerns and issues moving forward
  • Episode 05 – What is Contact Tracing? Talking to Health Tech CEO & Co-Founder, Peter Ellen
    Matthew talks to Peter Ellen, CEO & Cofounder of Health Tech Startup Unicity Ventures. This is essential listening for all to get the lowdown on contract tracing aka track & trace and make sure you are approaching the debate with the right knowledge. We talk about: Definition of contact tracing and track & trace Possible solutions & frameworks Areas of concerns and issues moving forward
  • Episode 04 – Economist Stephen Moore, Newly Appointed to President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force
    In this episode of the New Normal Show, Matthew is speaking to Stephen Moore, American Economist & Writer. Stephen was Economic Advisor to then Nominee Donald Trump during his 2016 Presidential election campaign. President Trump nominated him in 2019 as his Candidate for the Board of the Federal Reserve. As of 14/04/20, he was appointed to President Donald Trump’s Coronavirus Task Force.