Episode 07 – The Future of the Office Space, with Peter Boeckel

Matthew speaks to Peter Boeckel, Design Manager with Steelcase, a company that designs and builds office architecture, furniture and technology products and services.

Matthew & Peter explore what the return to office work could like for many and the new normal we will have to get used to, post COVID19.  They discuss topics like:

We talk about:

·        Agile workspaces

·        Hot Desking

·        Remote working 

You can find Peter here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/peterboeckel/

Links to his articles:

Work from Home. Work from Anywhere.

Where to from here? Prototyping our way to the new post-COVID-19 normal

The COVID-19 Design Effect...

The Resources he shared:

Steelcase Guide – Navigating What’s Next

The Nature Podcast

An interesting article by Cal Newport

Why Remote Work Is So Hard—and How It Can Be Fixed

Enjoy the show!