Episode 12 – Danielle DiMartino Booth, US Economy Update, The Pending Federal Reserve Announcement & A View On The European Economy

A US Economic update from Danielle Di-Martino Booth. Danielle is Founder & CEO of Quill Intelligence, DiMartino Booth set out to launch a #ResearchRevolution, redefining how markets intelligence is conceived and delivered. Quill Intelligence is a boutique research firm grounded in the principles of the #ResearchRevolution. Deep, broad unconventional thinking to find patterns in vast amounts of data which elucidate predictive thought leading market intelligence to institutional investors.

Driving Into The Future, with Dr Anthony M. Townsend

Episode 11 – Driving Into The Future, with Dr Anthony M. Townsend

Anthony works at the intersection of urbanisation and digital technology. He is the author of two books: Ghost Road: Beyond the Driverless Car (June 2020) and Smart Cities: Big Data, Civic Hackers and the Quest for A New Utopia (2013) and the founder of Star City Group. We discuss the following: