Episode 08 – The Art of Predicting Recessions, with Paul Hodges

Matthew speaks to Paul Hodges, former Executive Director of ICI, one of the world’s largest chemicals companies. We talk about a lot, but the main thing is this: contrary to popular beliefs, the upcoming global recession is NOT directly because of COVID19. Listen to learn more about this and the following: · Past recessions predictions · Upcoming downturn · Pending age demographic cliff · Oil price crash · Business opportunities in the new normal · Much more

Episode 07 – The Future of the Office Space, with Peter Boeckel

Matthew speaks to Peter Boeckel, Design Manager with Steelcase, a company that designs and builds office architecture, furniture and technology products and services. Matthew & Peter explore what the return to office work could like for many and the new normal we will have to get used to, post COVID19. They discuss topics like: We talk about: · Agile workspaces · Hot Desking · Remote working