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Exploring all the facets of our new, shared global reality, post-COVID-19

The New Normal Show
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The new normal is a podcast dedicated to a new global truth: the 21st century has two distinct segments: life pre-Covid-19 and life post-Covid-19. 

This podcast is about understanding how we got to where we are today, and what tomorrow may, or may not hold. 

Life, politics, technology and economics will never be the same again. The sooner we recognise our new reality, the quicker we can adapt to the circumstances presented to us. Humanities greatest strengths are adaptability, team working and communication. Now more than ever, we are going to need these strengths. 

To face these realities, we need facts, cold truth and perspectives from all walks of life, professions and skills. 

Matthew will be interviewing and having conversations with experts and those in the know across the following domains, and many more:

History, Psychology, Anthropology, Politics, Technology, Journalism / Media, Sociology, Virology/Epidemiology,  Science, Military / Security, Neurology, Economy, Law, Engineering, Logistics & Supply Chain, Travel, Education, Philosophy, Art, Architecture / Town Planning, Risk Management, Health, Finance & Investment, Religion, Economics & Many More